PKG, RFPT8-10mm, 10 PACK

7200863 - PKG, RFPT8-10mm, 10 PACK

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Ideal for treating moderate to advanced periodontal disease. Removes diseased, infected, inflamed, and necrosed soft tissue calculus within the periodontal pocket, and promotes new attachment.
Design based on BIOLASE™s Radial Firing Tips, but features a unique design that results in primary radial emission of laser energy. Compared to most tips and fibers that only emit straight laser energy, the RFPT™s radial energy provides more efficient irradiation of diseased or inflamed soft tissue as well as calculus deposits.

Single-Use Tip
Fiber Diameter: 800 µm
Outer Tip Diameter: 880 µm
Beam Pattern: Primarily radial emission, with a portion of straight laser energy Tip Length: 10 mm
For use with MD Gold Handpiece only