Collection: REPAIR Perio

Waterlase’s patented YSGG wavelength’s effect on dentin removes the smear layer and opens up the dentinal tubules, which is very beneficial for new attachment. YSGG is the most versatile laser for periodontal applications, as it has positive benefits for both soft tissue and hard tissue. This versatility allows Waterlase REPAIR Perio to achieve superior patient reported outcomes (less swelling, bruising, and bleeding) and faster procedure times — with equivalent clinical results to the latest open flap techniques.

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  • 7200109 RFPT5-14mm - 10 pack
  • 7200723 - PKG, MZ6-14mm, ZIPTIPS, 20 PACK, WL, MD
  • 7200308 - PKG, MZ6-14mm, TIP, 10 PACK, WATERLASE, MD
  • 7200313 - PKG, MZ6-14mm, TIP, 5 PACK, WATERLASE, MD