7200841 - Tips - MZ8 6mm - 30 qty

7200841 - Tips - MZ8 6mm - 30 qty

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Delivers breakthrough cutting speed comparable to a high-speed drill for cavity preps. Good for ceramic and porcelain crown and veneer removal (non PFM, non-metals.) Also ideal for root canal access.

Single-use tip provides higher standards of infection control and safety. Eliminates resterilization of tips, saving time and money.

For use with Waterlase Express handpiece or iPlus or MD Gold handpieces, not for any turbo handpieces.

Ferrule Color: Black
Diameter: 800 µm
Length: 6 mm

Hard Tissue Applications:

Cavity preparation I-V; caries removal; hard tissue roughening or etching; enameloplasty; tooth preparation to access to a root canal; cutting, contouring, shaving and resection of oral osseous tissue (bone); osteotomy, ostectomy, osteoplasty and osseous reontouring; cutting bone to prepare a window access to the apex of the root; apicoectomy; root end preparation for retrofill

Soft Tissue Applications:

Excisional and incisional biopsies; exposure of unerupted teeth; fibroma removal; hemostasis; implant recovery; incision and drainage of abscesses; leukoplakia; operculectomy; oral papillectomy; reduction of gingival hypertrophy; soft tissue crown lengthening; treatment of canker sores; vestibuloplasty; frenectomy and frenotomy; gingival troughing for crown impression; gingivectomy; gingivoplasty; gingival incision and excision; removal of pathological tissues; incision and drainage of periapical abscessess; full, partial and split thickness flap preparation