PKG, MZ10-6mm, ZIPTIPS, 30 PK, WL iPlus

7200851 - PKG, MZ10-6mm, ZIPTIPS, 30 PK, WL iPlus

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Delivers breakthrough cutting speed comparable to a high-speed drill for cavity preps. Also ideal for root canal access.
Single-use tip provides higher standards of infection control and safety. Eliminates resterilization of tips, saving time and money.
For use with iPlus only.
Ferrule Color: Yellow
Diameter: 1,000 µm
Length: 6 mm

Hard Tissue Applications:
Cavity preparation I-V; car+C16ies removal; hard tissue roughening or etching; enameloplasty; tooth preparation to access to a root canal; cutting, contouring, shaving and resection of oral osseous tissue (bone); osteotomy, ostectomy, osteoplasty and osseous reontouring; cutting bone to prepare a window access to the apex of the root; apicoectomy; root end preparation for retrofill.

Soft Tissue Applications:
Excisional and incisional biopsies; exposure of unerupted teeth; fibroma removal; hemostasis; implant recovery; incision and drainage of abscesses; leukoplakia; operculectomy; oral papillectomy; reduction of gingival hypertrophy; soft tissue crown lengthening; treatment of canker sores; vestibuloplasty; frenectomy and frenotomy; gingival troughing for crown impression; gingivectomy; gingivoplasty; gingival incision and excision; removal of pathological tissues; incision and drainage of periapical abscessess; full, partial and split thickness flap preparation.